The Wine Maker

Son of a wine maker, I wanted to acquire a solid wine education before starting to look after my own vineyard in Verzé.

I therefore passed an agriculture engineer diploma as well as the national oenology diploma in 1996. I then completed that education by working in many wine-producing countries around the world ( USA, Argentina, Spain...)

That experience then brought me, in 1999, to make the decision of taking over the domain that had until then been cultivated by my father Gérard Maillet.

The vineyard initially had a total surface of 3,5 hectares. Since 1999 I have also planted 2.7 hectares of Chardonnay, and I bought another 1 hectare in 2015 to reach a total surface of 7 hectares. I do not wish to grow any larger so as to be able to properly manage my grape production, wine making and distribution.

I am also helped by my life partner who takes care of the commercial and administrative aspects of the domain.